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membershipYour support is very important to The Meadows Foundation!  The organization is open to all, and operates to preserve historic buildings, grounds, programming and for public use. The four properties stewarded by The Meadows Foundation represent over nine hundred twenty years of American history! The Meadows does not own the houses or the land, they belong to the local and state government. The all-volunteer Board of Directors of The Meadows works very hard to protect them for you, your family and for future generations.

This is your opportunity to support the heritage and traditions that laid the groundwork for a new nation. Many of these historic houses existed before the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Families who left their homelands for a new beginning lived in them.

Join The Meadows Foundation today.  Volunteer to help restore a house, participate in an event, educate a youngster, or become a docent to give tours. Maybe you prefer to concentrate on one event per year and would like to volunteer to help at one of our Victorian Teas or Colonial events.  Perhaps you’d like to participate in Dutch cultural activities such as the family festival of Sinterklaas, or work with children’s organizations for endeavors such as badges or Eagle and Silver Scout projects.

Some of you are historians, teachers, craftsman, actors, re-enactors, accountants, gardeners, crafters, writers, computer whizzes, social media users or skilled in another way that could benefit the organization. We also welcome those who simply want to be members to make a donation, but prefer not to be actively involved.

Let us know your preference. Tell us your suggestions for programming. You can reach us anytime at The Meadows Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

Send checks to:  The Meadows Foundation, P.O. Box 6321, Somerset, NJ 08875-6321.

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Meadows Membership Form 2021

Students/Seniors – $10

Individuals – $15

Families – $20

Organizations – $35